Nail Care

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How Do I Take Care of My Artificial Nail Enhancements?

Taking charge of your nail enhancements should be high on your priority list. In order to maintain your nail enhancements for the long term, follow these simple guidelines:

using high quality cuticle oil, oil the nails at least once a day. The best time to do this is at night, right before you crawl into bed for the night. If you have time after your shower, oil them again. Ideally, twice per day will give you the optimal result, but at least once per day. Non-use of a cuticle oil may cause product to become brittle, which may cause cracking and/or breakage of your nail enhancement. It will keep your cuticles hydrated too. Why have beautiful nails and then dry cracked cuticles

-If your nails become too long before your next appointment with your nail technician, simply shorten your nails by using a 240-grit file. NEVER use nail clippers, as they may cause “shattering” of your nail enhancements.

If you have concerns or questions about your enhancements, please contact me, I always enjoy hearing from you, no matter what the occasion. And remember, no question is a dumb question! It is better to ask than not.

How Often Should I Get a Fill?

How often you visit your nail technician is a personal decision. However, we recommend that you get a “fill” every two to three weeks. The longer you go between fills, the more chance you have to experience lifting and/or breakage, which in turn can result in a nail fungal

What are the Most Common Reasons for Nail Breakage and/or Lifting?

The most common reasons for nail lifting or nail breakage is treating your nails as “tools” instead of “jewels”.
We are not saying that you must change your lifestyle from being “yourself” to being a woman of “no hands used”. What we are saying is this: don’t use your nails as a screwdriver, can opener, box opener or letter opener.

Biting, traveling, moving and bitter cold are the four most common culprits of nail breakage or lifting. Next comes gardening, cleaning, and washing dishes. Without proper gloves for each, nail breakage and lifting can occur. Stress is also a huge culprit! Whether we realise we are doing it or not, stress causes us to put our nails in our mouth and pick and pull off our beautiful enhancements.

You pay for your enhancements! Treat them with the same respect you would treat a new ring or bracelet. Be yourself, but use the proper protection to keep your nail enhancements beautiful.